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The Jim Russell Championship


In 1957, British racing champion Jim Russell founded the racing school industry and realized his dream of teaching people from all walks of life the fine art of motor racing. His school was the world’s first training facility for racing drivers.


The School, now called the Jim Russell Racing Schools, graduates hundreds of career-minded racers in addition to thousands of motoring enthusiasts each year, taking with them the experience of a lifetime.


Our alumni include racing champions in almost every form of auto racing. World-class drivers such as, Jacques Villeneuve, Danny Sullivan, Emerson Fittipaldi, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne and Scott Speed plus many more passed through our hallways before making passes on the track on their way to successful careers.


Our goal, just as our founder, is to never rest on our laurels, but to look constantly to the future. From evolving the way we teach the techniques of racing to the techniques themselves to finding the next gifted driver, we are resolute in our commitment to progress. 



The Jim Russell Championship Series is the official racing series of the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School. The series has been designed to foster and identify talent from the pool of graduates and competitors. The emphasis in the series is on value. We have endeavored to create the best value equation currently available in motor racing. Our philosophy is that a career in motorsports should be as merit-based as possible, not purely a financial equation.

The car (the Jim Russell FJR-50) has been purpose- built to be the ideal learning platform for drivers, providing a modern, relevant link between the existing levels of motorsport; with special attention to the transition that young drivers will make from karting to a formula car. By training and racing in this car, you will be well prepared for the upper levels of motorsport. The FJR-50 is based on the successful and proven Lola B06-30 championship winning Formula 3 car that has up to 300 horsepower. The car exceeds FIA Formula 3 crash tests thereby making it as safe a racing platform as possible.

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